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Night Becomes Day (2020) is a short form VR and regular 2D documentary produced by Reality Learning. The documentary celebrates the lives of refugees through the voice of teenager Sohail Haqyar.

In 2020, Sohail is just one of 79 million displaced people in the world. Having travelled with his parents, and three younger siblings from Afghanistan to Greece, teenage Sohail’s home is a refugee camp. Sohail has taken on the role of the responsible eldest male as his father separated to continue to Germany.

Inspired by Theo, a local human rights worker, Sohail joins other refugees, artist Nakam and war-injured Ali, to migrate from the camp and create a new form of citizenship in Athens – one not previously imagined by them. We intimately share their personal journey from night to day as they seek safety and rebuild their lives.

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Curriculum Links:

Night Becomes Day study guide has been written for primary and secondary students from years 5–10, providing information and suggestions for learning activities in the following areas:

  • Civics and Citizenship
  • English
  • Geography
  • Global Politics
  • Media Arts

Night Becomes Day can also be used as a resource to address the Australian Curriculum general capabilities Ethical Understanding and Intercultural Understanding.

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Night Becomes Day in 2-D & 3-D versions:

There are different versions of the film: 2D for viewing on desktop, screens and other devices and 3D x 180 for viewing using VR headsets or VR glasses with mobile phones inserted. There are also options for either older and younger students. The link for older students contains five seconds of gunfire audio. The link for younger students omits the gunfire audio.

When purchasing the Night Becomes Day streaming content you will also access many 2D and 360 video resources about the film project and the character’s lives. These provide greater understanding into each person’s lived experience. They are optional resources for teachers and students.

Please note: VR glasses or headset are required to view the 3-D streaming content.

Streaming Content:
Night Becomes Day is available as a 7-day Rental of Lifetime Access for viewing by Primary Schools students in 2-D Primary or 3-D Primary from The Education Shop.

Night Becomes Day is available as a 7-day Rental of Lifetime Access for viewing by Secondary School Students in 2-D Secondary or 3-D Secondary from The Education Shop.

ATOM Study Guide:
ATOM has produced a study guide on Night Becomes Day which is available as a free educational resource from The Education Shop.


Reality Learning


Night Becomes Day was made possible by Reality Learning - an award-winning social enterprise based in Australia. Reality Learning empower creators with innovative digital story-telling technologies such as 360° surround filming or virtual reality experiences. To learn more about the incredible work they do, click here!