Banjo Morton: The Untold Story

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In 1949, Banjo Petyarre Morton led the first walk-off by Aboriginal stockmen when he and his co-workers left Lake Nash cattle station in Alyawarra, NT, demanding pay in wages, not rations. Their actions paid off and they were offered £1 per week.

Sixty years later, in 2009, Banjo was back at it. This time, he led a walk-off in opposition to the Federal Government’s ‘Intervention’. The event gained attention from the United Nations.

A respected Alyawarra leader, Banjo passed in 2019, and trusted award-winning documentary filmmaker Lara Damiani to share his story. Damiani worked on this labour of love for eight years before finding enough funds to finish the project. The interactive website and accompanying resources aim to both educate and celebrate, and are valuable resources for schools, universities, community groups, historians, and the general public.


Lara Damiani has released Banjo Morton: The Untold Story – a free, multimedia, interactive website that dives deep into the historic 1949 and 2009 walk-offs led by Morton.

Using original footage, photographs, and voice recordings the site gives viewers remarkable access to what happened, why, and the political repercussions.

To give context to Banjo’s actions, the website covers a range of topics. These include:

  • Where Alyawarra country lies
  • What it means to the people who live there
  • The land claims and Native Title claims they have instigated and won
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Three accompanying downloadable resources (above) are available from The Education Shop.

These resources relate to the website, and were designed in the context of the Australian Curriculum. They cover:

  • English
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Media Arts
  • Science

These comprehensive learning materials provide diverse and complex views of Australian history and events, and include the following:

  • Overview/Summary Paragraph
  • Australian Curriculum links
  • Learning Intention(s)
  • Inquiry Question(s)
  • Teachers’ notes:
    • Unit(s) of work
    • Cross-curriculum links
    • Sequential lesson plans
    • Comprehensive lesson guides
    • Learning differentiation scaffolds and suggestions
    • Student printables/workbooks/links, e.g. maps, timelines, tables
    • Exit questions / round-up
    • Follow-up actions and links to more resources
  • Assessment resources: quizzes, forms, rubrics or checklists
  • Professional development links

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